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Dirty Hands Studio is a multidisciplinary studio of art and design creating spatial experiences corralling some of the finest designers, engineers, sculptors, painters, machinists and technicians. Dirty Hands Studio is one of the leading  makeup prosthetics and Fx studio manufacturing facility servicing in the world of entertainment and creative industries in India.


Dirty Hands studio was formed by Zuby Johal and Rajiv Subba both post graduates in ceramic and glass design from National Institute of Design (NID) with background of  applied art and sculpture . They have worked in the industry as prosthetic artists since 2008.

We provide ultra realistic prosthetics and effects for films, television,theatre and museums. We offer a range of items and services including concept and character design,body doubles, blood gags,character transformation(ageing) full creature suits, fake animals and body parts. We strive to keep on the cutting edge of the Makeup effects industry by incorporating new and advanced techniques and materials.  We aim to amalgamate artistry and technology to bring forth silicone prosthetics. 

We lease with our clients a step by step approach and with our personable attitude makes for an easy communication ensuring we provide the best service and outcome for projects.